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How do i send a telegraphic bank transfer from one bank to another?

I plan to set up a Bank account in New Zealand and i am not too sure how to transfer money over there

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4 Responses to “How do i send a telegraphic bank transfer from one bank to another?”

  1. andy said :

    BACS/ CHAPS payment. standard way of sending money.
    you should set up your uk and nz accounts to have internet banking. you just click “send money”.

  2. daxi said :

    Ask your bank for details. They should be able to set it up for you.

  3. freddie m said :

    Alternatively you can go into the nearest branch of your bank and ask them to handle it for you.

  4. nooka said :

    You would need to go to the branch of your UK bank to send over to NZ and give them your IBAN-International Bank Account Number and BIC-Bank Identifier Code. Also provide them with name of account holder (you) and name and Address of the Bank you are sending money to. Obviously how much you want to send and whether they should send it in Sterling or NZ Dollars. It should cost between £20-£50 depending on how much you send and should reach the NZ bank within a week. Hope this helps.


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