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What credit card should I go for citi bank or bank of america?

I have a credit score of 700 and wanting another credit card. I was thinking about citi bank or bank of america. What one should I get? I only have one other credit card from Wumu. I want a credit card that report to the 3 credit bureaus every month. Anyone has either one of these cards, if so, what one did you like and why?

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8 Responses to “What credit card should I go for citi bank or bank of america?”

  1. Chocoholic said :

    Why not get a Discover Card?

  2. blondie21_97504 said :

    Y do you have to get another credit card? They cause debit and with the way the world is going today the APR is going to be really high.
    If you have to go with one of those I would say the Citibank visa

  3. Sydney said :

    definitely bank of america.
    it’s the best credit card i have. i only have 3 credit cards and one is a citi. it is terrible, my bill always is late and gets sent to the wrong address, and they send me all sorts of other crap that i don’t want. they also signed me up for an identity monitor and i asked them to take me off, and they never did until the 3rd time i called.

    don’t go for citi it’s going to cause you trouble.

  4. Joey and Emily A said :

    The bankamericard platinum visa has a point system for online shopping, so that’s pretty cool. they also have ones for flying miles, gas gallons, and such… you can also get custom pictures on your credit card too.

  5. Zerrah said :

    Definitely NOT Bank of America.

    They recently upped peoples APR without any explanation or reason; it was all over the news. Try a company that’s a little less shady. There are plenty of horror stories of what this company has done to their consumers.

  6. Ryan said :

    I have the Citi Bank Platinum Select card and love it. APR is 8.49% no annual fee, and I get rewards. I would strongly reccommend this card but I also have a Bank Of America card that I use all the time. Both cards are great. One thing you should make sure you do is apply through the site below. They pay your their commission when you apply for a credit card. I got $30. Good luck:)

  7. hdawn1977 said :

    Obviously with your credit score you should be able to get a good card with reasonable rates and maybe even one that offers rewards or incentives if that is something that would interest you. Before deciding I would shop around first. This site has over 100 cards to offer and you can look to see if they have the features that you want.

  8. fullswingii said :

    Bank Of America!~! My dad works there


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