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Is it possible to shut down a bank account?

I have a HSBC current account and i would like to shut it down and not use it anymore.
Is it actually possible that i can shut it down and get deleted off the bank’s system?
thank you!

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6 Responses to “Is it possible to shut down a bank account?”

  1. plant said :

    pay any amount owing or withdraw all from account call into branch and ask to close account , they will tell you for how long your details will be kept on file

  2. b said :

    yes you can close your own account. you need to go to the branch tell them you want to close he account. withdraw all money or pay any owing job done.

  3. Ivan G said :

    You can certainly withdraw all your funds from your accounts and payoff all your loans with the bank, however, the bank will maintain your banking history with them for at least 7 years (or until they install a new computer system and someone accidentally purged your account).

    Do visit your branch and speak with a customer service rep so that you can take care of all fees, pending transactions etc …

  4. Fairfax said :

    Yes, just speak to the bank.

  5. jlf said :

    Yes. It’s called “closing” an account. But the bank retains internal records on it permanently.

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