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Will applying for a current bank account effect my credit rating?

I am looking to change bank accounts and open up a new current account with either another bank or building society. Will this effect my credit rating or not? I don’t think I have the best credit score but I have never had any CCJ’s or been Bankrupt.

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4 Responses to “Will applying for a current bank account effect my credit rating?”

  1. src50 said :


  2. Dr said :

    Not that I am aware of

  3. Susan T said :

    Not unless they refuse your account

  4. thurmarshboy said :

    When you apply for a current account (which has an overdraft facility or credit card included) then the application involves running a credit search on you. This will leave a footprint on your credit file and if you are refused, will be recorded as a decline on your credit rating. If you don’t need an overdraft/debit or credit card then you would be advised to just have a basic account if you are worried about your credit rating. (I’ve included debit cards because these are issued and validated by a credit company and so visa usually insist that a bank/building society run a credit check on all customers.


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