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How do I go about getting a shared bank account?

Me and my boyfriend are moving in together and want a joint account to pay the bills with, I go with hsbc and he goes with barcleys so do we both need to already own an account with the same bank or can we just pick either one?

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9 Responses to “How do I go about getting a shared bank account?”

  1. Gem* said :

    Go into any bank you like and ask to open a joint account. Simple

  2. Monkeypie said :

    You can just pick either one, one of you might need to take in ID if its not your bank but theres not usually any problems

  3. jamesdean2002uk said :

    get u r passports (both of you) and 2 utility bills – proof of address

    best bet to go to another bank you dont currently use>

    you both need to go in together and explain the situation.. then you fillout the forms – credit checks etc-

    they will ask what account > joint account

    cheque books etc etc – shouldnt take long…

  4. MICHAEL P said :

    Open a joint account with any bank although keeping to HSBC or Barclays might prove a tad simpler. BUT, do maintain your own independent accounts until the relationship is proven and you can trust each other beyond doubt. Just common sense really ……….

  5. blue dolphin said :

    Just pick any one you like and ask to open a joint account. explain it is to pay bills from.

  6. hunybns1.aries66 said :

    Yes it is very simple to get a joint account! But……..
    Why would you want to?? Hopefully you REALLY know this person?? Past credit, debt, spending responsibility, after all this is your credit & your money and you don’t want either to go down the drain!

  7. LOUISE G said :

    If you have had good experiences wtih your bank account I would say stay with yours or if your boyfreind has had a better time ask to be added to his.
    By staying with the bank you are in you can get better rates than starting a new account. You will be eligible for a lot more by sticking with either account.

  8. Bardic said :

    You’ll get the idea, you can go to any bank, though either yours or his might be a smidgin simpler as they already know one of you.

    I gather this is to be separate from your own personal accounts, which you’ll be continuing to maintain; good idea, you can both put in your share, as it were, while maintaining the security of your own accounts just in case . . .

  9. Cammy Mcqueeny said :

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