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How often am I supposed to receive a bank statement?

I think it’s a bank statement anyway – a piece of paper containing details of what has gone in and out of your account that month?

I’ve had my account for 4 months now, and I have only ever had one bank statement, I was just wondering if this was normal because I thought it was a monthly thing. I’m with HSBC if it helps.

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7 Responses to “How often am I supposed to receive a bank statement?”

  1. Pete said :

    You have the option of quarterly or monthly.

    It sounds like you have the former set up. If you have online banking there should be an option to change it somewhere. Otherwise phone them and ask them to move it to monthly.

  2. Derrick said :

    I am also with HSBC but it depends what account you have. If you have a current account or a regular saver or student account then i think it should be once a month.

    Things such as:
    -Long term savings

    These may not come once a month but say once every three or four months. If you need to know then you should call HSBC, i am sure they will answer this.

  3. Chip said :

    did you sign up for paperless banking or any agreements as to when they send your statement snail mail? if not, call them right away – someone may be stealing your mails or rerouted your mailing address.

  4. jamesbergen50 said :

    I get mine monthly. Yours may come quarterly. But I would check with the bank A.S.P. Like some one may be messing with your mail! Lots of personal info there! What you buy were you go. ECT.

  5. Maureen D said :

    You should get a bank statement every month, I am not with the same bank but think all of them are roughly the same you should call them and ask. 🙂

  6. lowjoy said :

    Well if you can get a Statement from HSBC you will do better than me. Have been with this Bank for over thirty years, and getting a Statement every month, but all of a sudden that was stopped. I then had to go about ten miles to the Bank( they closed our local one) and they said that was unusual and they would send one. None came, so off I had to go again …. same answer… but still nothing. It seems to me that they do not care any more, and quite truthful they are really getting to me with this atitude. I seem to have lost the battle with them, so if I want to know how my Account is I have to trail there all the time. At my age of eighty five I really am furious, but it seems they have the upper hand with their Customers .

  7. Karen M said :

    Hi, I am with HSBC. They don’t send statements any more unless you request them. Saving the planet from wasted paper. Check online or phone them if you need one, they are very helpful.


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