can I open a new current bank account in the UK without closing my old current bank account?

I have a basic salary of £1555 a month. I already get this paid into another current account but I would like to open a new current account and keep the old current account open also. Is this possible? Can I just go into a bank and say I would like to open a current account and say that I havnt got any other accounts?

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4 Responses to “can I open a new current bank account in the UK without closing my old current bank account?”

  1. CRAIG F said:

    I’ve had different current accounts with different banks but not sure about the same bank.

  2. Roy < said:

    There’s nothing to stop you opening more than one current account in the UK {unless each one wants to have £1000 deposited every month}.

    You could say that you want to transfer direct debits/standing orders over a period of time and then not close the original account.

  3. spring_rainbows said:

    Yeah you can have as many current account as you like, i have 2 with Natwest and 1 with LLoyds. There used for different reasons. As long as your not in a high amount of debt you can easily open an account with a different bank. You might not be able to get one with an overdraft straight off though, as any overdrafts you currently have will eb looked at when making a decision on how much credit they should give you if any!

  4. mullhon2 said:

    You can open different current accounts with different providers.
    If you want same bank worth checking, but most will let you.
    What type of 2nd account you get depends on what you need, e.g. overdraft, which is credit score based.

    Re: comment about paying £1000 a month, easy way round it,
    Salary paid into account one,
    Standing order from account one to other account (two) for £1000,
    Standing order from account two back to account one following day for amount not wanted in the account.

    You can also withdraw money and repay same money back in to make up the £1000 per month rule.


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