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If I threaten to close my bank account will the bank reverse the charge?

I am going into the bank on Saturday to demand a refund of a £28 charge just made on my account or to close my account. How will they react?

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16 Responses to “If I threaten to close my bank account will the bank reverse the charge?”

  1. PwiiNcess Jazmiine said :

    LOLz I think you should take it easy and ask them,,,,if they dont play along or agree with what your saying, then you should threaten to close the account…but then again would they care? lolz nah i think they would close the account even if you didnt want that to happen..lolz



  2. only p said :

    They really don’t care. They will let you go in a heartbeat.

  3. kwflamingo said :

    Depending on how much $ you have in their bank – if you’re a small fish – they won’t care – if you’re a big fish, they MAY care.

  4. ricky said :

    no not at all

  5. wallyboy said :

    If you have lots of money in there they wont charge if you haven’t they will

  6. oldmarine08 said :

    Depends on how much money you have in there!

  7. JJ said :

    hahahah they are not going to care one bit. unless ofcourse you have a ton of money in your account, which you dont otherwise you would be asking your financial advisor instead of yahoo answers. dont even bother threatening, just close the account and find another bank. find one with free checking and no fee’s. they are out there. dont keep your savings in a bank it pointless, put it in a mutual fund

  8. pebbles said :

    If you feel the charge was unjustified then why not explain it to them , they value your custom so losing you would get to them , they spend enough money trying to attract new customers.

  9. lady of liberty said :

    they will tell u that it cost more than that for a stopped check so suck it up

  10. Mark said :

    Ask a manager — not a teller — if the charge can be reversed. Don’t threaten, and be nice. He may cut you a break.

    It doesn’t matter to the bank whether you keep a small account with them or not. You are probably not a profitable customer to them. Quite frankly, my friend, they don’t really care.

    I think you will find most large banks will act in the same manner. To most banks, people like you and me are “little people.” They are more interested in providing service to millionnaires and corporations than to people like us.

  11. DoveyBuzzy said :

    You have no argument unless you have been a long time customer in good standing and this is your first offense. You also need a good argument in how this error occurred. Just threatening to cancel will not work. They will let you go in a heartbeat.

  12. xenon said :

    I was with my bank for 42 years. they pulled a similar stunt, I left,and they did’nt even ask one question as to why I was leaving.

  13. lahockeyg said :

    Dude…they are going to GLADLY close your account for you unless you have millions…it will be a happy day for them. Banks can be a pain.

  14. finglas9 said :

    they dont give a damn what you do. you better come to terms with that. stay in control. do what you want for you. never consider the views of the bank. you are a faceless means of income for them.

  15. Bullet Dodger!! said :

    Have you got a couple of million in the bank?? then maybe if your the average joe they’ll prob happily close it for you.

  16. sasil85 said :

    Depends on how much money you have in the bank. If you don’t have alot they will say ok close it. Odds are depending on the charge they will not be able to do anything for you. If you have a case then they might drop the fee. That little tactic rarely works unless you are a valued customer (basically friends with the workers there or have a lot of money there).


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