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How should I go about retrieving money owed to me by a company?

Back in March a leading insurance company took an unauthorised payment of £20.06 from my account. They said they would issue a refund in the form of a cheque but this still hasn’t turned up despite many emails & phone calls to this company. I have also requested a direct transfer. What steps can I take to get my money back??

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11 Responses to “How should I go about retrieving money owed to me by a company?”

  1. Nikki said :

    you need to ring the company and demand to speak with the manager and tell him you are very unhappy the way they have been dealing with this and are going to leave a complaint!!!

  2. Acka said :

    If it was a Direct Debit, contact the bank who are obliged to refund you,.

  3. Toy said :

    seek legal advice. u can just go in to see a lawyer for a (free)consultation and most of the time they will give u advice on what u need to do.

  4. MellowMan said :

    Contact them again, if you get no joy, threaten them with reporting to OFT, BBC Watchdog and Trading Standards, that should get the ball rolling. If they still don’t cough up then do report them.

  5. ellocheeky said :

    If ur struggling alone to make them take you seriously, visit your nearest citizens advice centre, they have qualified solicitors who will give you help and advice for FREE! You can even phone them on an 0800 number if you don’t have time to call in. My past experiences with them have always been positive. Good luck!

  6. Joe S said :

    Call the CORPORATE office and speak to the supervisor, explain your story clearly, and thats the most you can do with that , other than sueing them.

  7. jeff g said :

    Unfortunately the law works in favour of big companies when it comes to money. You have several options, none of which will guarantee you a payment but may help.
    1- Get a solicitor and take them to court (considering the low ammount we are talking about, it hardly seems worth it)
    2-Next time you phone them insist on talking to the most senior person available (i.e. a manager), you would be surprised on how much this can accomplish.
    3-Complain to the FSA (Financial Services Authority), although this will be considered a very low priority for them, it might be the case that this company is doing this on a regular basis to many other people, in which case the FSA will investigate and fine where appropriate.

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