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I have 3 accounts with the same bank. Can the bank take a payment from an account if I haven’t authorised it ?

I am in financial difficulties but have some money in my savings account to pay for gas, electric etc. However the bank is threatening to take the money to pay a loan. Can they do this?
These are British bank accounts and I have taken legal advice from Citizens Advice Bureau.

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8 Responses to “I have 3 accounts with the same bank. Can the bank take a payment from an account if I haven’t authorised it ?”

  1. Dean L said :

    Yes they can certainly do this and legally too, unless there is no money in then they wont take it and make you go overdrawn.

  2. hannah C said :

    no the direct debit would be set up for one of your acounts it would have nothing to do with the other accounts

  3. Jasmine Peters At Home said :


  4. Net Advisor said :

    You better move that money out of that account fast.

    The bank can surely take it by legal means if in your bank agreement states such.

    Remember all that fine print no one ever reads when you opened the account, and get in the mail now and then?

    We’ll, if there is language in there that says to the effect that in the event of default they can debit your other accounts, and charge you a fee, then they can. They will also prob jack up your interest on that loan to a “default rate.” You’ll have to go back and read the fine print or open an account at another bank, withdraw cash and or write a check to that other account fast.

    You may also want to explore getting some immediate legal advice to deal with the bad loan.

  5. Franco said :

    Yes, a bank can take what you owe them from any of your accounts with them. That is why it is better not to have all your a/c in the same bank.

  6. *~Cam's Mommy ~* said :

    We were in a similar situation this past summer. My husband and I moved our money to another bank. We have no paper trail to link us to that bank. We are currently working towards closing the account where we owe the money. I don’t know if your situation is possible unless you signed a contract or a document saying that they could take the money. I know that my bank took money from our joint account to cover an overdraft on another account. Just change banks. It’s the first step. Then try to negotiate a payment procedure with your bank..AFTER you’ve moved your money.

  7. redhairedmama75 said :

    Yes they can

  8. [email protected] said :

    yes they can, and there isnt much you can do about it unless you draw it all out and close the account


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