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Can I change my bank account after ive submitted my Student Finance Application?

I need to send my application off for Student Finance as soon as possible.
However none of the banks have updated there Student Accounts for the year 2010-2011.

Is it possible for my to change my bank account details at a later date after submission?

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2 Responses to “Can I change my bank account after ive submitted my Student Finance Application?”

  1. hurricanekettle said :

    Is this with Student Finance England? (and I guess it’s the same with Student Finance Wales and SAAS)
    I did with mine. on the website it says that this is one of the few pieces of information you can change easily online. I on fact don’t think I even put a bank account on my application. All that gets checked and confirmed when you get a confirmed place.
    Hope this helps and good luck

  2. wapitona said :

    yes that is possible, i have done it before. All you need to do is contact Student Finance and you can tell them your new sort code and a/c no. they will then be able to change your details. you can also go online and change your details or contact the company and they will change your details for u. just ensure that you allow the time to change your details before you actually receive your money otherwise it will be sent to the wrong account. hope that helps huni xx


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