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How can I consolidate my credit card debt ?

The problem with credit cards is it always gives people an option to spend beyond their capacities. If you’re one of the many people who has maxed out their credit cards, the only way to regain your financial freedom is through debt consolidation. Whether you have money to spend to hire a professional or you wish to do it on your own, you have to follow these basic steps in keeping your credit card debt under control:

The first thing financial experts recommend is cutting up your credit cards. You can do this literally with a pair of scissors or just stop using them. The more you use the credit cards, the more debt you would accumulate, so cutting the source of your debt is definitely a good start.

An important part of keeping out of debt is calculating how much money you owe your credit card companies. If you have more than one card, add up all the debt and work out how much you need each month to repay all the creditors. While reviewing your debt, you would also determine which cards have the highest outstanding balances.

Not everyone knows this but you can ask your credit card companies to lower your APR by just calling them for your request persistently. This way, you can pay a lower interest rate that can help you pay your debt sooner. Moreover, you should also ask your credit card companies if they offer deals in helping with debt consolidation. Many of them are willing to help; so make sure you let them know you want to pay your debt as soon as possible. A low, long-term interest rate allows you to reduce monthly payments and improve your overall financial standing.

The easiest method of debt consolidation involves transferring your credit card debts into your credit card with the lowest rate. Find a zero-percent balance transfer to avoid interests until you repay the debt. Pay more than the monthly minimum payment to make reducing debt faster. As long as you stick to your monthly payments, you can get your finances under control.

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