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I was offered a Credit Card in 2005 when I was unemployed. Is there a company who can clear the debt?

I have heard there are companies out there who can clear credit card debts due to certain circumstances such as being unemployed when given the credit card. Is it actually true? Which companies would you recommend?
Yeah thanks for the helpful answer Claire you helmet.

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7 Responses to “I was offered a Credit Card in 2005 when I was unemployed. Is there a company who can clear the debt?”

  1. Claire said :

    At the end of the day you chose to take out the credit card knowing full well that you had no income to pay it back.

    I’m not the one who ran up the credit card when I had no job and then thought they could get someone else to pay it for me because obviously its the companys’ fault for offering it rather than the person who is able enough to accept it. Hmm ok then.

  2. jlf said :

    No, the debt cannot “be cleared” because you were unemployed when you got it. That was YOUR decision.

  3. SPIFIMAN1 said :

    Gee lets see your unemployed an still accept a credit card offer from someone that you know very good and well that you will not be able to pay and you want to get out of paying it?

    You might try Consumer Credit Counseling but under these circumstances I don’t believe there is anything any one can do to get you out of paying what you owe.

  4. lauranetts said :

    Hi Keira,

    There are no companies which will totally take away the debt, even if you are unemployed – what you can get is a consolidation loan, which takes all the repayments that you have, groups them together and sets a monthly repayment for you, some of these will also allow you to defer for a while – however the interest on these tends to be high and can have a very negative effect on your credit rating.

    I’d talk to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau who’ll be able to give you advice into all the options available to help you manage the cards.

  5. esmerelda v said :

    One of the few organisations that can genuinely help is the citizens advice bureau.

  6. Marc said :
  7. little sparrow said :

    The CAB and CCCS cant help, you need a company who use solicitors to challenge the card companies in court. I used to find me the cheapest one.


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