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What do you owe in credit card debt and car loans?

How much do you owe in credit card debt? What are your monthly payments?
Do you have a car payment and how much?

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6 Responses to “What do you owe in credit card debt and car loans?”

  1. Prodigal Son said :

    I have no debt whatsover as I don’t believe in credit, very much a saver.

  2. ♥Sweet♥ said :

    11200…10000 is car loan.

  3. michael o said :

    zero credit card debt…..
    zero car payments…..

  4. sissy said :

    Zero on my credit card
    Zero on car loans (2 brand new cars last month, cash)

  5. sassy2 said :

    zero. No mortgage, no car loans and no credit card debt. If I cannot afford it I do not buy it Yes own my own home and two cars

  6. mauirayne said :

    credit cards paid off and closed
    Car I payed with cash…..used.

    Its the only way for me………now hospital bills, that is where I still owe


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