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Can you return clothes to Topshop without a credit card if they were bought with a credit card?

I accidentally bought a top in the wrong size and I decided I didn’t like the top that much anyway, and I’m just wondering – could i return/exchange it without my mother being there (she was the one that bought me the top).

it was bought with a credit card so would it have to be returned with a credit card?


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14 Responses to “Can you return clothes to Topshop without a credit card if they were bought with a credit card?”

  1. Sal*UK said :

    Yes, but you will probably get a credit note or an exchage, not cash back (and obviously it can’t be put back on the credit card either) Will need the receipt too.

  2. Karis said :

    No, you have to have the credit card with you.
    i tried to take something back the other day in there and they wouldn’t take it back unless i had the card with me. which of course i didn’t because i don’t carry my mum’s card around with me.

  3. LottiV said :

    If u were getting it refunded then yes u would need the credit card, but if ur just getting it exchanged for a different size or another top, then i dont think u need the card, just the reciept!!

  4. Ryan M said :

    Yes As long as you have the receipt

  5. Michael from UK said :

    Yes – how you bought it doesn’t matter. So long as you have the receipt you can return it.

    However, they might not like to give you cash in return, as they will have paid an overhead for the credit card txn. So it would be easiest to exchange for something else, or get vouchers, rather than get money. As you aren’t returning it under warranty it’s really done out of the kindness of their hearts(!)

  6. patricia bstarstruck said :

    Yes ,they will give a refund – but it must be on the card that you paid for it on. As for your Mother being with you, if it is her card – YES –

  7. Jamie1980 said :

    why not just ask your mother to go with you

  8. Lisa C said :

    Generally, most shops (Topshop usually too) will take something back and exchange it, if the customer cannot provide the credit card. They may provide a voucher/gift card exchange, so although you do not need to take the top, you will still need to use the ‘refund’ in that store.

    If you can hold off until your Mum is with you, then is that not best?

    You don’t say if you have a receipt or not…..if you do, then the refund/exchange will be on the full price of the product. If you do not, then many shops will only consider the store price on the day you return the item. This is fine if it is still full price but if the top you bought is in the sale, you may lose out.

    Fingers crossed you get something nice 😉

  9. mike said :

    You should be able to return the item, however you will need a receiipt if you want a full refund. However they may allow you to change the size, without a receipt if its in bran new condition.

  10. little miss b said :

    You need proof of purchase – credit card receipt, not necessarily the card itself.

  11. omolive18 said :

    if you want the money back you would have to take the card with you so they can put it on there.if you don’t have it they will probably give you a store credit or gift card!

  12. nosdda said :

    Yes, you will need the credit card, and your purchase receipt.

  13. Roger said :

    I don’t think so.

    Be brave and talk to your mum nicely.

    Good luck


  14. DAS said :

    You should be able to return this item with a receipt and maybe, even without a receipt, but you will only get a store credit or voucher, or if you have the receipt, the amount will be returned to your credit card.


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