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Is it possible to own a credit card whilst on benefits?

I intend to use the card not for credit but for shopping online, I like the security you get with a credit card.

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7 Responses to “Is it possible to own a credit card whilst on benefits?”

  1. taloolaa said :

    Get a debit card, or a job

  2. ITMatt said :

    Yes, of course, though it depends on your credit rating if you’ll be approved or not.

    Have a search of

  3. zyres23 said :

    yes you would but if your just gonna pay the minimum payment each month then dont bother ive been paying my cred card off for 3 years and theres more on it now than what i borrowed im only just getting to grips with it

  4. Ilkie said :

    It is possible.
    If your benefits are paid straight into the bank you may be able to get a debit card.
    I have my Disability Allowance paid into LloydsTSB. I have a debit card. It is as secure as a credit card and you can’t overspend!

  5. SPIFIMAN1 said :

    Sure it is if your credit is strong enough.

    My Wife is on disability and she has 3 credit cards.

  6. redhairedmama75 said :

    IF you income is high enough and your credit is good enough then yes

  7. Jason said :

    You should have no problem getting a credit card if you have a regular source of income. Of course, you might not get a very high credit limit if your income is low. And your credit score / credit history will also have an effect. Here’s just one of many places to compare offers:


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