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How can I receive money on ebay using my new paypal account?

I opened a new account because I opened last one in Thailand and I had a U.K bank. It works fine for buying on ebay, but when I received money there it went into my old account which I don’t have a bank account added to.

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4 Responses to “How can I receive money on ebay using my new paypal account?”

  1. solo said :

    refund the payment to the seller

    link your new paypal account to your ebay account

    ask him to pay again

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  3. AJ said :

    When you set up the item you are going to sell, and you select Paypal as an option to receive money from the buyer, you can select the e-mail address that you want your money to go to (i.e. select the new e-mail address that is associated with your new Paypal account). This way, your buyer can only send money to that new Paypal account. You can change this even if you have already set up your auction, just go to revise item, and change the e-mail address. I have done this before, and have two Paypal accounts as I live between the US and UK part-time and need an account for each country.

    You can also send any money from your old Paypal account to your new one, by selecting send money and putting in your new e-mail address as the receiver. This will, however, cost you a fee when receiving the money at your new account though.

    Hope this helps : )

  4. peanutz said :

    You can redeem the money from Paypal by nominating a bank and account number for them to bank into. If not, they will credit to your card account or whatever bank you had registered with the.

    Go o your Paypal portal and update the information. On Request money site, fill in the bank and account number. You should get it there next.


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