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Who do i address a letter to when requesting my bank charges back?

I’m writing a letter to Halifax asking for my bank charges to be returned. I wondered if i needed to send this letter to the Halifax Head office or my local branch. Also does anyone know the address of the Halifax?
i have been charged £768 in the last 2 years.

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8 Responses to “Who do i address a letter to when requesting my bank charges back?”

  1. freddy the newf said :

    Try their website – search google.

  2. Shirl said :

    Give your local branch a call, they will be able to advise you from there.

  3. emmamac14 said :

    personel department of your local branch, they will forward it to head office if they need to

  4. richard_beckham2001 said :

    For most complaints about Halifax products and services:

    The Financial Ombudsman Service
    South Quay Plaza
    183 Marsh Wall
    E14 9SR

    Telephone: 08450 80 18 00*
    Email: [email protected]


  5. b97st said :

    I sent my letter to my local branch but the letter I received back was from:

    Halifax PLC
    Customer Relations
    PO Box 548
    LS1 1WU

    Good Luck.

  6. colin s said :

    You haven’t said if you know how much you have been overcharged. There are several web sites devoted to this issue and these include some with template letters that you just fill in the blanks and print it off.
    take a look at :-

  7. R.E.M.E. said :

    You could address the letter to The Managing Director, Halifax Ltd. and put Private and Confidential on the envelope. Then drop it in to any branch. But keep a photocopy or two!
    The letter only needs to start Dear Sir,

  8. grown-up said :

    It doesn’t really matter, either the head office or the local branch. Just make sure you send it recorded delivery so you have proof of when they received it in case they want to delay things.


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