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How much credit card company charge for each transaction?

How much credit card company charge for each transaction? Since credit card company gives reward credit for using their cards, in situations I can use either case or check, should I opt for credit cards because they offer reward points? Or it does no matter? Thank you for suggestions?
I pay off the statement balance each month.

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5 Responses to “How much credit card company charge for each transaction?”

  1. Citizen said :

    Depends on the cc company.

  2. farahwonderland2005 said :

    Read the small print that came with your card. They usually charge you a percentage based on the unpaid balance, so if you pay your card off every month, you avoid those charges. A card with rewards points usually charges alittle higher percentage. You actually pay them for the rewards.

  3. mature_male_online said :

    Different Credit Card have different charges…No I suggest leave Cr cards alone ..u r much better off like this..Usually one spends more than they should and then land into big debits…leave it alone….

  4. sliver birch said :

    depends on the company. watch out for credit of debit transactions.

  5. jamesPurple said :

    Depending on your package deal !

    Check the links for a few examples


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