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Is there always an opportunity every day to double your money trading forex?

I want to know if, just like stocks, there is an opportunity to double your money everyday trading forex?

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5 Responses to “Is there always an opportunity every day to double your money trading forex?”

  1. gyfhjg said :

    i would have not been answering ur question. ..

  2. rexx0046 said :

    you cannot do it if you are not day trading.

    the day trading opportunities are better in forex than in individual stocks.

  3. Net Advisor™ said :

    There are opportunities to make money every day.

    Most people have regular jobs = make money, low risk.

    A number of people here trade = some make money, some lose money, most do both = higher risk.

    Doubling your money every day? Might get lucky if you caught a trade right before anyone else did, but the odds are not likely. And the odds of doubling your money every day on any consistent bases, not going to happen. Never been done.

    Here is your free test:

    1. Flip a coin in the air. Call “heads” or “tails” at this time.
    2. Where you’re right? If so, repeat the test. If you were wrong once, theory was dis-proven.

  4. Mike said :

    If you were using 200:1 leverage, you would need to make about 50 pips a day to double your money. A little less if you make many trades and are compounding.
    In theory, it is mathematically possible to double your money every day
    if you use extreme leverage and have some unbelievable win ratio, However, it is so unrealistic, to do it for any period of time, that you have as much chance to win lotto.
    Do yourself a favor, and stop thinking in terms of real easy money very fast. More often than not, it is a road to disaster.
    Take your time, learn to trade and, with time, you could be able to extract above average returns from Forex without huge leverage.

  5. itsjunglepat said :

    Yes, there’s an opportunity to double one’s money, but as has been pointed out, odds are against it.
    While forex trading has it’s own methods and reasons, it is considered more of a gamble versus stock trading which is supposed to be based on sound business practice and knowledge of a company. However, while stocks generally aren’t considered gambling, with market manipulations becoming more common than in the past via government, market makers, shady business practice, and technical advances which allow rapid changes, stocks have become more risky than they used to be.


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