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Do you have some advices for trading at Forex Market (Fx) ?

Hello. I have a little experience trading Forex but last year I didn’t have so much time for trading at Forex Market. However I want to trade again.

For those who know and have traded in this big financial market, do you have some clever advices to make buy/sell currencies at Fx ? I have an easy-forex account, where you can start trading with 12.5 €, 25 € 50 €…. It is a good forex market site ?

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5 Responses to “Do you have some advices for trading at Forex Market (Fx) ?”

  1. snetterton said :

    What a silly game. Why not just throw all your money away in a casino – amateurs like yourself have about as much chance of making cash from foreign exchange dealing as I have of being polite to someone.

  2. labyrinth said :

    a risky business you are venturing, forex trading is a game only the well to do can afford to waste their money on. If you intend to decisively pursue your intent on going for forex, just make sure you have sufficient funds and financial backers to back you until you can gain substantial earnings, else its a doom scenario.

    Everyone just wants to be like a George Soros but hey, he is quite a well connected individual having some prominent people behind him and even central banks of major governments supporting his leverage against currencies.

    Just try to find a more feasible business rather than entering into a forex trading with just a limited experience.

  3. fsfa said :

    Even wacko Soros had to start somewhere. Start out with a “paper trading” account that allows you to trade with fake money so you can learn. Just search – they are all over. You need to do this first and do it long enough to really get the hang of it.

  4. Paul U said :

    Hi Franz,

    Welcome back into the world of Forex.

    Anyone can learn how to successfully trade in the Forex market. However, it takes knowledge, discipline, self control and sound money management principles.

    I see two challenges with starting an account with less than $1000.

    First, the market moves both with you and against you. That is just a fact of life. You need to trade with a conservative margin and have sufficient capital to withstand any negative moves.

    Second, due to the risks associated with the Forex market you need to only trade with monies that you can afford to lose and most people with less than $1000 cannot afford to lose it.

    That being said, you can certainly sharpen your skills utilizing demo accounts while you are perfecting your trading stratgies. And concurrently you can build up your investment funds.

    Good luck to you and please let me know if there is anything that I can assist you with.

    Paul Upp
    (925) 236-1839

  5. cyberspider_444 said :

    it needs experience.lots of it..
    it will take years before one can become profitable.. and many losses on the way there.

    ps. and beware of spammers and sellers of anything from systems, courses and who knows what…especially when its them who are asking you to try/buy…


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