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Are There Any Reputable Books On Forex Trading Strategy?

I am looking for a book with practical and realistic hints, tips and strategy which is also written in a very coherent way.


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9 Responses to “Are There Any Reputable Books On Forex Trading Strategy?”

  1. Kevin R said :

    Trading is trading is trading in my opinion. The rules for stocks, real estate, bonds, commodities, and currency are very similar. There are subbtle differences mostly because of the nature of the securities, but the game is the same.

    Start at the library and in the financials. Then advance to futures and options. Information ‘weighting’ is most important with any trading strategy. How to sift through the mountains of media coverage to decide what’s really important.

    No specific titles come to mind and opinions vary widely. For me, writin’ ain’t tradin.’

  2. The chosen one said :

    I don’t know of any book which will give you specific strategy for trading. However, I recently attended an excellent course by Nick McDonald. You can check it out at He’s got very good strategy with specific entry and exit point with well defined stoploss as well. Check it out.

    If you are interested in forex robot. I am trying out a couple of them on live account. You can follow the result at


  3. KnowledgeBase said :

    Here are some that I can recommend to you. Both are filled with good information that both beginning and experienced trader will find useful.

    “Forex Patterns and Probabilities” by Ed Ponsi and “Day Trading the Currency Market: Technical and Fundamental Strategies To Profit from Market Swings” by Kathy Lien.

    I have read both of these books. You will find gems in each of them that can only come from those with extensive experience in the Forex market.

  4. Jimmy E said :
  5. steven c said :

    I have gone through some websites and finally I got this URL, it contains many simple Forex strategies.
    Please have a look and let me know your view, will these strategies work??

  6. Kosio S said :

    I use this book – Forex Confidante – Advance Trader – It’s very useful and good guide about Forex strategies .
    But if you don’t want to read and learn try this awesome tool for forex auto trading Gomega Xray ––profitably-trade-on-auto
    This is the most powerful tool for auto trading. I am using it now and I am very very happy from results.

  7. mark mc donnell said :

    Dear Vande
    I like Michael Covels book a lot it keeps me centered and always trading with the trend.
    You can buy it near the bottom of this link used if you want
    On the same linked page there are 7 short but well written technical articles about how to approach trading the spot forex, these strategies work.
    Nice tats!!
    Best Regards
    Mark A. Mc Donnell, Owner
    Monitors 20 Currency Pairs in Real Time and Verifies Your Entries
    Spot Forex Trading Plans for $19.95 per Month
    “Stop doing what you want to do and start doing what the forex is telling you to do”

  8. hilmi said :

    If you want to learn about forex just go to ..
    there is all education matter over there.
    If you want to get the signal and forex trading strategy, I suggest you take a look at this blog

  9. smarjancic said :

    you can check this website for a lot of information about forex.


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