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Are there services that can trade forex on my behalf and I wll be receiving a certain percentage wkly/mnthly?

I love forex but don’t have the time for reading charts or news trading. If you can recommend reliable forex services where I can invest for a certain % returns, I wld be glad.

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4 Responses to “Are there services that can trade forex on my behalf and I wll be receiving a certain percentage wkly/mnthly?”

  1. May Derrek said :


    I also had a similair problem as you have.
    I had a good amount of money, and wanted it to grow.
    So I looked around on the internet to find something that is:
    1) giving me great returns towards a relatively small risk

    2) Professional people who know what they where doing with my money.

    I’m glad to say I finally found a moneymanager who is capable of giving me good returns and give me a great support.
    On this blog you can follow up all the results that he is making:

    My money is working for me, in three months time I already have a ROI of 76%.
    So you don’t hear me complaining!
    Annyway if you would like to get in touch with my moneymanager to have some more information feel free to contact me you can send an email to me at derrekmay at
    Then I’ll give you the email adress of my moneymanager

    Hope this has helped you!

  2. Joe said :

    There are many services out there that will take your money to trade Forex and give you a percentage return. However most of them are scams that will take your money and run. I know of no reliable company that will invest Forex for you.

  3. trinitron00 said :

    There are a lot of services out there, that would trade forex on your behalf and give you a share of the profits, but the best ones are those that allow you to do the trade yourself by giving you an automated forex software or expert advisor like they call it.
    Whichever one you decide to take, remember to invest only what you can afford to lose. Forex is very risky

  4. Shuli C said :

    The type service you are looking for is called a “managed account” program. You will be surprised to know how many programs exist today, just google it. I would highly recommend reading reviews on programs, if they exist, before investing with them. Some are traded using automatic trading robots, or scripts. The rest are managed by actual managers.

    True, you do have to watch out for possible scams. Again, read reviews to see what others have said. Of course track the program’s performance record. Also pay attention to the “maximum drawdown” that the program suffers. The higher the drawdown value, the higher the chance that your manager will blow the account. Blowing the account means losing almost all of your money. I consider 40% or above to be much too high.

    I am a currency trader, and I have also tried out a few managed account programs for myself.

    I recently started my own managed account program and am accepting new clients. If you would like to learn about my program and other insights that I offer in my forex blog, please check out my website


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