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How to retrieve my old bank account in the UK? Lloyds bank?

I have an old bank account from 20+ yrs ago, I have not been in contact with them for a while, it had enough pounds in it to avoid being cancelled. I want to get the information for this bank account but I am unable to get any info? what should I ask for ? (my home address has changed, and I believe they are sending the statements to the old address) So How can i get info on this account? the balance? and HOw can I go about getting my money? Thanks. Lawyers are welcome to answer leave your contact as well and I will call you./ thanks.

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7 Responses to “How to retrieve my old bank account in the UK? Lloyds bank?”

  1. fengirl2 said :

    Write to the branch where you held the account and give them as much information as you can – including your full name and the address where you were living when the account was ‘live’.

  2. zerocool said :

    go c them with id

  3. theibbsters said :

    sorry m8

  4. Luke E said :

    Its likely that the account has been declared dormant

    See the British Bankers Association pages – – on this. It should be a fairly easy procedure to reclaim your account

  5. Queen Damn™It Marla Singer™ said :

    The person above me is correct. If an account is dormant anywhere between 5-10 years, the account becomes escheated. You can get your money back by filing an Unclaimed Property report.

  6. Jay said :

    Please, l have all the documents to reclaim my lates mums account but am not in the uk and my uncle whoes address statements where sent been to during the years decided to fill in for me. Please is it possible for the bank to transfer the money within a month to my name because l realy need to pay my fees.

  7. jana said :

    hi,can you help me guys,my lloyds bank transfered money,to some unknown bank account 2x instead to my land lord ,they investigating for 6 weeks now and still nothink ,what can i do,thanx


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