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How do you verify your bank account with paypal?

I entered my bank account info to paypal’s website. When I clicked on the confirm bank button it tells me to check the 2 deposits they made into my account by reading the bank statement. Whats a bank statement? Can I just go to the bank and just ask for it or what?

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2 Responses to “How do you verify your bank account with paypal?”

  1. Lola76 said :

    They either mail you a statement each month or you receive your statements online. If you have an online account with your bank, go online and see what they deposited. If not, you can go to the bank or wait for your statement to come.

  2. richgray41 said :

    All you do is click on the verify bank account button and fill in your details and then they will deposit 2 very small amounts and when this is done you need to input these amounts on the paypal site where you first put your bank details and then they will verify your account straight away if they match. I hope that this helps.


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