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How do I use Xbox live without a credit card?

I have an original xbox and i bought a subscription code but then i have to enter my credit card information but i don’t have one.

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4 Responses to “How do I use Xbox live without a credit card?”

  1. Annette E said :

    you can use your bank card/debit card

  2. Metalhart said :

    Buy points cards at the store. Alot of places sell them, if they sell movies or games, they probably sell the cards.

    they’re the same price, and no credit card needed!

  3. Ben said :

    you do not have to do that
    i am guessing you are doing it wrong
    all you have to do is go to the redeem code section put in the code and then just follow instructions and at no point it should ask you for your credit card number

  4. carol said :

    It does not accept the codes, you have to subscribe with a credit card- it is a SCAM and I am pissed!


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