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is there a way to get xbox live without providing credit card details?

I am planning to get xbox live using a voucher because I dislike giving credit card details. when I tried to use my free month I couldn’t get past without putting in credit card details. I dont want to buy the voucher and find I have to put in card details after all. how do i bypass this?

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2 Responses to “is there a way to get xbox live without providing credit card details?”

  1. Wilder said :

    Just buy a prepaid Xbox live card form your local store. You dont need to put in any details, just the number on the card.
    Or get rid of your 360 and get a ps3, PSN is free…

  2. puffin57 said :

    When you are setting up the live account for the first time, you will get to the screen that asks for the card details. But, there should be an option ‘not now’ or ‘buy later’ (can’t recall exactly what it says, even though I have just set up my live account!). It will then go to the next screen informing you of your free months trial. From there, just carry on the setup.

    Once your month ends, you automatically go onto silver, unless you pay your fees first. You do not need to put in card details, just buy the prepaid voucher and input the code (I’ve yet to do this part, I’m just on my free month for now).


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