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How can i pay off my credit card bill without haven’t the statement?

I have lost my credit card statement from the post office. I want to pay off my balance ASAP. How can I pay it off without having my statement? I don’t want to pay the £5 for getting a copy of the statement. I spoke to their customer service advisors and have been told that I can’t pay for the balance on the telephone.

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6 Responses to “How can i pay off my credit card bill without haven’t the statement?”

  1. ROBERT D said :

    I can access my credit card details on-line. You could try your credit card companie’s web-site for a similar service.

    Edit: Once you know the amount you can use your on-line bank account access to transfer the correct amount to your credit card company. If you don’t have internet access for this, then go into your local branch and ask them to pay the credit card company electronically.

  2. pandibabi said :

    Why wouldn’t they? who would decline money?

    Worst case scenario, say something along the lines of, “i don’t need to know the exact amount, but would $X be enough to cover the statement bill?”

    A family lost their electricity, so I secretly paid their bill without know the statement, I just told them an address, and would $x be sufficient”

  3. BillyB8 said :

    Any company that would penalise me like this is one I would be looking to leave.

    Have a look at what the rivals are offering as welcome deals and transfer.

  4. Scouse said :

    Go to your bank if say Barclaycard present your cheque with your account number on the back of it and the card they will do the rest. Or go to the store and do the same thing. or send it through the post with your account number on the back along with a covering letter. You are not the first or the last to use your statement

  5. BriarKat said :

    They can tell you the balance over the phone and/or the minimum amount due

  6. Classy Granny said :

    Yes you can make a payment by phone. Call back and if you get the same story from the next person you talk to, ask to speak to a supervisor


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