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How do I transfer money from Australia to England?

I am immigrating to Australia in February and still need to send money over to my bank in England. At the moment it is costing me to transfer, so need another solution. Any ideas?

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4 Responses to “How do I transfer money from Australia to England?”

  1. littledolly1 said :

    Western Union, that works pretty much worldwide. I’m not sure what the charges are though.

  2. Judy said :

    I have 2 banks in 2 different states.
    I mail my deposit from one bank to the other bank.
    Endorse it by putting
    ” your name – for deposit only – at blah blah bank – acct # blah blah.”
    make sure you include a deposit slip.

    Consider mailing a cashiers check from the bank to the other be extra secure.
    I mail checks all the time!!!
    Check your accounts online. Some banks are starting to offer something called MONEYLINK. If you are lucky all you have to do is sign up and then click and point to send money to another bank.

    BE CAREFUL of scam website. No website can do this for you – don’t be a fool. Why would a website do something you can’t do yourself – DUH?

  3. GG:dD: said :

    I’m pretty sure is free or has a very low fee.

  4. Robert M said :

    international transfers will always incure a charge no matter were you are even sending a cheque will cost you as u.k banks charge to payin forign cheques. you may be able to open a forign currency account with your australian bank witch will cost you less to do transfers from, however there is usualy a fee for these.


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