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What is the fastest way to trasnfer money from online bank to local bank?

I have an online FNBO direct saving account. I need to transfer the fund to a local bank (I can transfer to Citi Bank, Bank of the west or Bank of America).

I need this money by next Tue, Nov 20, Normal online transfer wouldn’t make it on time. Can you someone suggest a way?

If I go to my local bank, ans ask them to do an ACH transfer, will it work?

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2 Responses to “What is the fastest way to trasnfer money from online bank to local bank?”

  1. LL said :

    Although I don’t have an account at FNBO, from my experience with other online banks it usually takes two business days to complete the transfer. If this is the way your account works, you still have the time. I would suggest that you call their customer service right away and ask for help. They may come up with something.

    You can try and ask them if there is a way to send a wire transfer from your online account to your bank. If they allow it, you will get the money the same business day.

    As for going to your bank and asking to do an ACH, it won’t work. Your bank will not be able to withdraw the money from your online account. You have to initiate it with FNBO. Hope this helps.

  2. mister ed said :

    wire transfer for a cost of about 20 dollars!!!


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