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How do I go about joining the nurse bank in Scotland?

How do I go about joing Nurse Bank?
I’m a student nurse at the moment in my first year of studying at University. As any University student knows, the minute money goes in one hand, it gets paid out of the other but I heard somewhere that I can work on the Nurse Bank as an Auxillery when I have spare time. Is this true, if so how do I go about this?

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3 Responses to “How do I go about joining the nurse bank in Scotland?”

  1. deborah7144 said :

    if you go to a nursing or care agency they can put you on the list as when your available for work please take your references with you to show them good luck (its good pay as well when your on agency work )

  2. badcat said :

    get in touch with the local hospital, vacancies will be on their website,you normally need 6 months experience but I don’t think student nurses need that.
    I worked for an agency while I was at Uni which was good money and so flexible, you just phone on Thurs, give them your availability for the next week or so, and they place you at different hospitals, nursing homes, residential, home help etc and if you dont like it, they wont put you there again.
    same idea with the hospital bank,choose your shifts and i’m sure you can refuse a ward if you dont like it
    takes a bit of getting used to working in different wards and different routines every shift but you soon learn to adapt and if you’re from a fairly small place like me you’ll find you go back to the same places quite often and get used to the way they all work
    great for uni as you can take time off for exams etc and work 4 hours or 40 hours a week, good luck!

  3. Fran H said :

    go to a Nursing Agency in your loca area, they pay more per hour than the NHS


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