How can you get a bank to admit their mistake & return money?

I loaned my mother £20,000 which she invested before her death. A relative got hold of the documents by lying to my mother & her solicitor, then persuaded the bank to part with my money plus another £10K of my mother’s. The bank had already had instructions from my mother’s attorney not to pass on the money & had been told the relative had fraudulently obtained her documents. Still they went ahead.
Before handing over the money, the bank referred me to the Financial Services Ombudsman who refused to look at the case on the grounds that at that stage the bank hadn’t actually done anything. Now that the money has been taken, the bank keeps ignoring correspondence & the Ombudsman is being downright difficult, totally misreading everything. My M.P. took up the case a few years back & has given up so won’t press the case in the right quarters of government. I am a pensioner so cannot afford to take legal action without losing my home.
What do I do next?
I’ve got lots of documentation showing mother was duped into this & the instructions the bank received, but getting the bank to accept it will cost them over £30,000 so they are stonewalling.

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7 Responses to “How can you get a bank to admit their mistake & return money?”

  1. merse31 said:

    One word…”Evidence”

  2. dougster said:

    go to the police with all the information you have because this is fraud !

  3. saleprechaun said:

    It’s hard for a bank to admit to wrongdoing, good luck !

  4. frankie59 said:

    Isnt the bank audited and regulated? Make formal complaint to the auditors. (I don’t live in UK so can’t be more specific.) However, since this was done by your mother with a relative (brother or sister?) while your mom was still alive and had the advice of her own attorney, it is very possible that you will not be able recover any of this money. Now that mom is deceased and you don’t know or can’t find out who else she borrowed money from you very likely have no case and you certainly had no case while she was alive if she wanted to give the money in her possession to another relative, while living. Looks like the bank did not commit any misconduct just on the few facts you have given. Your mom was the bank depositor, not you, the bank followed her instructions as to what to do with her money, together with that of your moms attorney. That is what banks are supposed to do. Sorry she did not make arrangements to repay your loan to her, but she didn’t so you have to get used to that and accept it. Life isn’t always fair.

  5. Sparky said:

    There is nothing more you can do. You have complained to the Bank, the Ombudsmen and your MP and they are all saying that there is no case to answer.

    Maybe you should move on.

  6. hadenough said:

    I worked in a bank. Not fair-but here is how it is. Your Mother was alive when this happened -Your relative was allowed somehow to have access -either her name on account or with Mother’s permission given to bank. Your mother is gone now-you have no proof that she didn’t allow this-none. Your attorney has no right to make a demand unless he had your Mother’s signature saying he could make decisions for her-“Power of Attorney ” form sign and witnessed by 2. and notarizes, He can ask-but it is meaningless without a “Power of Attorney form.
    As unfair as you think this is. You have no case. Sorry.

    Again no mater what you showed the bank. Does your lawyer or you have a “Power of Attorney’ for all decisions from your Mom? Otherwise you have no case . Best wishes but I don’t see it. The money was exchanged before your Mom died.

  7. James Knight said:

    your not gonna get anywhere if there were no witnesses as it is your word against theirs

    if there were witnesses then you should contact a lawyer


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