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Can anyone recommend a reliable FOREX trading platform?

Several searches of google provide hundreds of results for companies providing this service, is anyone using or has used any they would recommend?

I am new to FOREX and would ideally like to start on a trial basis, with a view to real investments in time, so recommendations for either would be appreciated.


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9 Responses to “Can anyone recommend a reliable FOREX trading platform?”

  1. Robert M said :

    Don’t waste your time, money or energy. There are professional traders which move millions in seconds, you really don’t have a chance.

  2. Common Sense said :

    Ah…. they make it look so easy…. everyone’s doing it. They don’t tell you;
    Your account will be wiped out in 1 – 6 months
    Of those that last 6 months… only 96% will be trading a year from then.

    There are no “good’ brokers… only brokers that are not as bad as others.
    Check out;

    If you have 5-10 years trading successful experiance in stocks…….. you may have about 5-20% chance of doing OK in FX…. especially if you understand the importance of good money management techniques and practice them 100% of the time.

    As with any other type of trading……. “paper trading” demos help with learning a platform….. but are poor for judging performance.

  3. craigerdean said :

    I prefer GFT.

    The other answers are interesting considering the stock market has lost over 2 trillion dollars of retirement funds in the last 8 months and the home values of americans has done likewise.

    Forex is a very different animal than the other markets, so read, study, paper trade before you lose your money. It is fast and volatile.

    Good Luck!

  4. Brian P said :

    First, try to look at Spread, many brokers have different spread. Small spread is better.

    Second, Choose Leverage, Min Deposit.

    Third, Open Meta Trader 4 Platform Account. You can test it for Free with Demo Account. Good things about MT4 Platform are most broker supports and Several Good Robots trade automatically 24 Hours and it really works.

  5. Marconi said :

    Hello, I know someone that works in a forex company what you looking for?

  6. Xelam said :

    check out your options in this site. it will lead you to a leading, legitimate, reliable and trusted forex trading platform. you can always search the net for thais claim. for a newbie like you, they offer one very good feature to your advantage, that is, “personal service”. by opening any of their accounts- mini, gold, platinum or vip- you will be provided a personal Account Service Manager or ASM to deal with. your ASM will serve as your mentor, consultant and trading partner as well and you can discuss anything live via phone, email or chat at your convenience. further, you can always interact with other expert forex traders in their chatroom and get help at anytime. meantime, you may register and download a Free Forex Ebook and a Free Demo account as well for your initial training. all the best.

  7. Kevin L said :


    I understand what you mean. Even i faced a lot of problems. Always first check which regulatory board governs these companies. I would prefer IBFX. They are reliable. There are others like FXDD, Oanda. Well you have to still do a lot of personal research before you start with any broker.

  8. Nilzar said :

    Forex can be a pain when dealing with companies. I did not want to read all about it I just wanted to hop in with two feet. I got a automated trading robot. I invested 100 dollars two months back. The account is already up to $327, I don’t think I will get the results the web site promised but at least I am making a profit already.

  9. Dr. M Suliman said :

    to be honest I don’t know much about forex and have never tried it, and the reason, may be, is because I don’t know anything about this area. also I don’t like risking my money. I prefere Affiliate marketing.
    However, I found this website recently and they let you try for free as they claim without risking any money.
    I hope that will help
    good luck


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