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has anyone any experience of the saxo bank forex trading platform?

I’m thinking of opening a FOREX trading account with SAXO Bank – and would like to canvas the views of someone wh has used them before

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2 Responses to “has anyone any experience of the saxo bank forex trading platform?”

  1. Sunny said :

    I don’t have personal experience with SAXO bank. But I have seen many people complaining that their trading platform is not stable. However most of those people didn’t say if they used the browser-based SaxoWebTrader or the regular Saxotrader.

    Personally I would stick with brokers who allows MT4 since that is the most popular platform and almost all the software and programs are created to work for MT4.

  2. Fx said :

    Saxo is one of the reputable forex brokerage. I have experience in trying out their system many years back, but it does not suit my preferences. Anyway, as I said that was many years back and I believe there should have been various upgrade on their system to date.

    I would suggest you to sign up a demo account to try out their trading system if it’s suit you.

    Good luck.


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