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bank account?

what is required to open a bank account with the yorkshire bank ? ie how much cash deposit required and what form of id . thanks.

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3 Responses to “bank account?”

  1. Felidae said :

    All you need to know is here:,,38795,00.html

    Hope it helps

  2. Dusty said :

    I don’t work for the Yorkshire but i am a branch manager for another building society. Legally you are required to provide 2 forms of ID, passport or Driving Licence (with paper counterpart) for primary and then a bank statement or utility bill fo secondary are all acceptable forms of ID.

  3. Lynn C said :

    we opened one 3 weeks ago we had our passports and utillity bill they opened it there and then within a week we got our cheque book bank cards and pin numbers and we didnt have to put a penny in


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