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What is the average annual salary for an accountant in Australia?

Im looking at a career in accountancy but I want to know what is the average annual salary for an accountant in Australia? Also if possible please include the the amount of schooling required and how it alters the total income annually?

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2 Responses to “What is the average annual salary for an accountant in Australia?”

  1. dsarkdsamned said :

    its pretty hard to say coz it depends on the employer and the level you are etc. For a private company if you are just starting out could be anything above 34k+ in the public sector I think starting salary for grads are around $45k. I would take a guess and say a fully qualified acct would earn $80k?

    You can become an accountant starting with a degree at uni, and then do a professional program like CPA or CA to be able to practice as a qualified accountant, you will also have to do continuing professional programs to keep up to date with the profession which is a couple of hours a year. Obviously the more qualifications and experience you have the more income you would get.

  2. magical$$$ said :

    It is hard to say. It depends on your qualification and work experience, as well as who your employer is.

    You might earn a bit more if you work in a public sector.

    When you just start out with a graduate degree, you might only get $35k-$40k. As your work experience builds up, your pay will increase accordingly. I would say you will ear $50k-$60k if you have 3 years experience.

    If you complete a CA or CPA programme and become a qualified accountant,and you are also competent enough to handle complicated issues independently, you might get a job pays you $75k-$100k.

    When you are fully competent in doing most of the things, you might have your own practice then you could earn whatever……….


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