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How is a day as an accountant manager like?

I need help in choosing a career. How does one become an accountant manager? What are the path they took to get there? How is a day as an accountant manager like?

I don’t know if my personality is suited to be an accountant. What are the prefer personality of an accountant and accountant manager?


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One Response to “How is a day as an accountant manager like?”

  1. vlad said :

    Accountant Manager (AM) is first of all manager. Which means s/he has to manage people, subordinates. S/he may be not the best accountant in his team, but the more professional in the accounting field s/he is – the better. As AM you have to plan, organize, direct, measure and control the staff and the work process.
    You are suitable for an accountant if you like to work with “databases” and to solve tackles of the kind “which is the more correct account to put these costs or incomes in”. And if you are keen in finding the best accounting practices, both in internet and in your government tax administration office.


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