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what is the average salary an accountant makes a year?

How much does an accountant make a year, and what type of accountant do you have to be to make more than the rest.

Also, what type of education do you need to be an accountant?

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  1. Jeffrey said :


  2. Frank112 said :

    Depends on the state but typical entry level accountants in NYC make about $40k/year.

    To be a typical number crunching accountant, a BS in accounting is preferable, but they may take you if you have a BS in Finance or Economics instead.

    To make more than the rest, you need a QUALIFYING BS in Accounting so that you can pass the CPA exam and get your CPA license. In order to get your CPA license you need to go above an Accountant and perform public auditing for 2 years.

  3. theManAboutTown said :

    I think this really depends upon your location and experience level. According to, you can see several breakouts:

    To get broad averages:
    Accountant – $45,965 (3,174 positions)
    Sr. Accountant – $62,115 (300 positions)
    Junior Accountant – $41,081 ( 47 positions)

    To see what individual companies are paying:
    Ernst & Young – $67,000 avg
    Deloitte & Touche – $38,000 avg

    To see breakdowns by city:
    in Los Angeles $44,744

    in New York City – $55,559

    in Detroit – $40,958

  4. Truth B said :

    You’ll need to use a salary calculator because pay is dependent on geography and job pool. The article describes types of accounting and education. A search in YAHOO for Accountant salary or Accountant requirements will give you all you need to read.

  5. Salary Helper said :

    Here’s a page from showing median accounting salaries based on experience and other factors:

    Hope that helps


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