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What happens to the money when companies are fined by the regulators?

We hear of train companies being fined for late trains, TV companies are fined for ripping off viewers in phone-ins etc. but where does the money go?

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6 Responses to “What happens to the money when companies are fined by the regulators?”

  1. capacop said :

    the government .. rainy day fund or whatever fund they have setup .. fish and wildlife, transportation , whatever

  2. Knownow't said :

    Where else….to the Government.

  3. Speeding Slim said :

    The companys’ fines are paid into the Consolidated Fund operated by the Treasury. The money is used by the Government for spending on public services.

  4. 12thViscountess of Minty Biscuit said :

    I highly suspect the money goes to the government again who fund big business and regulating systems with everyones money to begin with. Compulsory BBC take licence payers money and are government (tax payer) funded a classic example of the rip off cycle, they even have the audacity to use our money for the lottery show.
    Trading standards in funded by the public for the public but when you go to them they are useless.
    Why else would the government put such “Schemes” in place if their wasn’t an investment to be had?

    Government/Council workers are the highest paid people in the country.

  5. Duffer said :

    Straight into the Treasury.

  6. joyster said :

    It buys peerages, of course.


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