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What bank has decent short term loans for people with very little credit?

I need a short term loan to pay off all of my debt and get back on track, but am not sure which lender or bank to use.
My bank account is currently negative. I am living with my parents and have two jobs. Oh, did I mention I’m a college student? This financial conundrum is difficult to climb over. I have over $700 of doctor’s bills I need to pay and a hefty credit card bill to boot. Help!

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3 Responses to “What bank has decent short term loans for people with very little credit?”

  1. David M said :

    Having very little credit is not a problem. Having bad credit is. You say you want a loan to pay off all your debt. Two problems with that.
    1) That suggests you don’t have good credit.
    2) Borrowing money doesn’t pay off debt, you’ll still be in debt. Perhaps even more debt due to possible processing fees.

    Your best way to “get back on track” is to reign in your spending, try to increase your income and pay down your current debt. Good luck.

  2. rococo said :

    your local credit union perhaps

  3. Jennifer said :

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