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What bank is the easiest to get a loan from when your credit is not the greatest?

I really want to get my teeth fixed by getting Invisalign. I got a quote for $4500 for the whole process. The problem is that my credit is not the best. My score is just under 600. What bank is the most relaxed about this? Help!!!

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3 Responses to “What bank is the easiest to get a loan from when your credit is not the greatest?”

  1. scmommyof2 said :

    If you belong to a credit union or a bank try them. If not see if your parents or a family member could co sign for you.

  2. tetlitea said :

    You should try a credit union. They are usually not as strict as banks.

    You might also try to wait until next year and see if your job has a pre-tax health care account. With that they will take the money out of your check pre-tax but you will have access to the full amount right away (a max of $5000). This can be used to pay dental expenses as well as many other medical expenses. By taking the money pre-tax you get more in the long run. The IRS sees your overall income as lower so in the end you owe less taxes. Also since it comes out of your check it does not matter about your credit score and basically you are paying it back with a payroll deduction.

  3. Theresa M said :

    60 is bad, find a co-signer


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