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I got my accounting degree in US. How can I become a chartered accountant in Canada?

I am a Canadian citizen. But will Canada recognize my degree from the US? What steps do I need to take to become a chartered accountant?

Please help me. This is my dream.

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4 Responses to “I got my accounting degree in US. How can I become a chartered accountant in Canada?”

  1. kckid2 said :

    If you got the degree in the US, then clearly, you are already overqualified in Canada.

    Check with the folks who issue the license, they’ll know. My guess is you won’t have a problem… as long as you don’t use the French accounting methods to compute.

    Below is a link.

  2. CHARLES R said :

    Canada will recognize your degree. However there are differences between Canadian GAAP and US GAAP.

    you will be asked to make up certain classes like taxation.
    Refer to for information.

    If you’re still in the US you might want to consider becoming a CPA then coming back to Canada. Its less rigourous, but allows you to step into a CA firm at a higher level, OR you could jump into a Fin Reporting manager job with one of the many Canadian companies that’s listed on the US markets.

  3. MrGriff said :

    You would be best to start with the Institute in your province and determine the university credits that they require in order to challenge the CA exams in that province.

    You will likely have to complete a handful of courses that deal mainly with Canadian issues, specifically tax, financial accounting and auditing (Canada will soon be adopting international accounting standards so the requirements may change, I don’t know).

    Once you contact the Institute in your province then you can probably start with the different Universities to determine how many of your U.S. courses will count towards the required Canadian University credits.

  4. jsawgirl said :

    These sites are for the Chartered Accountants of Canada and they set the regulations and standards regarding CA’s. Although you may be able to use some of your US degree credits here you will still have to qualify and can’t simply transfer from the US our laws and financial system etc are completely different. It also depends on which province you work in as provinces also vary in this area. there is information about educational requirements, professional work experience and job opportunities.


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