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Could I get a job writing about finance for a newspaper after uni?

I’m doing a degree in accounting. Although the degree is accounting we do economics, business organisation and general business studies etc. We are well rounded i think is how they would describe it. Although I will probably become an accountant I am wondering (if I decided not to follow this route) if i would be able to go into writing about financial and business matters for a newspaper or magasine. How do business journalists become journalists?
I may consider doing a masters degree after my current degree and this would be in a more general business area or economics.

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One Response to “Could I get a job writing about finance for a newspaper after uni?”

  1. Angie said :

    If this is something you think you might be good at, then contact your local newspaper. See if you can submit a freelance writing sample. It may or may not get published, but you may be able to get a critique from the Business Editor. I say, give it a try.


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