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When you’re a qualified Chartered Accountant, would it be more of an advantage to do a Finance Masters or..

…Finance Masters or an MBA?

I’d like to start my own Accounting practice in future, but would like another complimentary qualification.

A bit concerned that some of the things studied on MBA courses may be a bit or a repetition of what I may have done already…and therefore a waste of (lots of) money!

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3 Responses to “When you’re a qualified Chartered Accountant, would it be more of an advantage to do a Finance Masters or..”

  1. slowtyper89109 said :

    It depends on the direction you want to take your practice. You are probably better off with an MBA so you can add management consulting to your audit and business valuation experience.

    Graduate Degree in Finance is for someone planning to work in banking.

    Many MBA programs will waive first-year requirements for students who have taken comparable coursework in another program of study. Some will not. I knew one Accounting professor who, when she was getting her MBA, was teaching the undergraduate accounting equivalent (with the same textbook) of an accounting course she was required to take for her MBA.

  2. Veritas said :

    FCA is a good qualification, and is directly relevant for what you want to achieve. Personally, I wouldn’t go for the additional qualification, because you are not trying to become an academic, and you would have all that you need to start your own practice. You may burn out with too much study. Why not put your energies directly into setting up and building your own practice. I doubt that future clients would care whether you had a MBA or not when looking for technical expertise. Also, there are MBA’s and MBA’s.

  3. wilson said :

    The easiest way is to stick your head in a blender now – it avoids an innocent person having to go to jail for killing you later after you rip them off of their life savings.


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