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How long does it take a credit card company to process a credit card application?

I just submitted an application for a secured credit card about a week ago and the credit card company debited the $200 from my checking account that I would need for a security deposit and I still haven’t received my credit card yet. When do you expect that I should receive my credit card?

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3 Responses to “How long does it take a credit card company to process a credit card application?”

  1. anon said :

    7 to14 days it does depend on a number of things

  2. [email protected] said :

    I never heard any credit card company or banks taking deposit for credit cards. Usually, credit card company/banks prefer securities like property or cars or anything else of value. You didn’t mention what country you are from as I am talking about Australia and mostly, when we apply for credit card, answer is usually instant and once the paper work is in order, credit card is in your hands within 7 to 14 days.

  3. kflukinger said :

    Some credit companies can approve or deny within 60 seconds, others can take up to 14 days to “decide” your credit worthiness. Using a secured account it really only acts as a savings account for you however, the credit card company still gets to charge you their fees & you are still charged interest as well. I really just don’t recommend that route b/c of all the extra money you have to spend. offers credit cards for “not so credit credit” & do charge fees as well. I suggest getting a FREE copy of your credit report at & either trying to repair yor credit yourself by disputing (which is kinda time consuming) or just hiring a credit repair company that is trusted to do this for you on your behalf. I used this one & it was only $29 month: and I have raised my credit score 107 points & I actually bought a house last year for the first time. I thought I should wait til I was married (2 incomes) but I was approved with no problems! That repair company worked a miracle


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