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How long would you normally expect to queue at a bank to pay in some money ?

One certain bank/building society local to me have 4 cashier windows, but never have all windows manned unless it’s between 1230 – 1330.

The average time I’ve spent in the queue recently has been between 20-25 minutes, and more than one person is always moaning about the speed of the service.

I have to say it’s starting to get really annoying.

Your experiences ?

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7 Responses to “How long would you normally expect to queue at a bank to pay in some money ?”

  1. rhea_jaye said :

    at about 3pm every weekday afternoon i go to the bank..
    I have to queue a LONG time
    anything ranging from 30minutes – 1hr
    And apparently according to the cashiers this is the “quietest” time to go =/
    NW for you

  2. sophist said :

    Depends on the day and the time of day. The more rarely visited times are sometimes the fastest and sometimes the slowest for the traffic but still faster than on a Friday at 1600 hrs. where I have seen it go for 30 minutes.

  3. UK Yummy Mummy:-) said :

    My experience is that although there may be 4 windows, that doesn’t mean there is 4 people to be on there. Serving customers is not the cashiers only job. I work behind the counter at a bank and serving is one 1 part of my job. There is also things like ATM servicing, cheque clearing, currency to order, cash to order etc to do. Is there no other way you can pay in your money, like through the machine or the drop box.

    It annoys me when customers moan about the queue and we have a machine that counts the cash or cheques and puts in in your account immediatly, but they won’t use it because they ‘don’t trust machines’.

  4. Bob the Boat said :


    I know what you mean.
    If I go to a main branch, it is hopeless, so I use a local rural branch of Barclays to do transactions if needed.

    I also use the trick of going to the “business” tills.
    This works, as the queue is non-existant, and they can’t refuse the paperwork.

    I have many a time been behind a local shopkeeper with bags full of pennies.

    Don’t use their lunch-breaks is my advice.
    No-one there to speak of, or to.


  5. Kathryn P said :

    I agree with your question, have been queued for around 45 minutes most times.

    this also applies to stores. why have 12 to 24 checkout stands and only have 3 of them manned?

    On the “auto checkout lanes” why does the attendant walk off? It invariably happens when the purchaser has some alcohol product that requires an ID check, or their scan does not work, or their credit card needs to be verified.

    I have gone into WalMart on a Friday evening around Christmastime and seen 3 checkout lanes open with 12 – 14 people standing in line waiting for their turn to check out their 3 items. How ineffecient is that?

  6. Daydream Blue said :

    10 minutes is the maximum wait, that I would call acceptable

  7. Dazcouz said :

    5 mins max


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