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How much money would I make if I bought some stuff at a store called five below and sold it on eBay?

I want to make some money to go to a camp you might of saw my question (I am 13 is it possible to make 5000$ in 255 days?) I got a sugsetion to buy some cool cheap things and sell them on ebay. I just want to know if I will make any money if so how much? Thanks for your help!

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4 Responses to “How much money would I make if I bought some stuff at a store called five below and sold it on eBay?”

  1. Ann M said :

    I doubt it
    Ebay has listing fees. I fthe stuff dosen’t sell you still owe them the money. Theres no guarentee it WILL sell, trust me lots of things don’t.
    Nevermind most people will know its cheap and expect to only pay you less than what you paid otherwise they can go get it themselfs at five below.

  2. patticharron said :

    I doubt you can make that kind of money on ebay. You pay listing fees, selling fees and a transaction fee to PayPal (if you use PayPal). Plus, you have to be of age of open an eBay account.

    What kind of camp costs $5000! Yikes!

  3. Doctor Deth said :

    you are going to make very little profit on that stuff – it’s dollar store items and then the buyers would have to pay shipping also, so it would probably make everything more expensive than buying it locally – you would also need an adult to open an ebay and maybe a paypal acct for you – there is no guarantee you would sell everything you listed on ebay every time – I doubt that 1 of every 10 listings sells on ebay and I’ve been selling there for years and probably haven’t even done that good, so the listing fees for the items that don’t sell, would also eat into you profits

  4. Jon F said :

    sorry, but you will probably not make $5000 selling stuff from a discount store like that. the problem is, most people go on ebay for just a couple of things.
    1. looking for something rare/obscure/hard to find
    2. looking for something cheap/used

    selling people stuff that is only worth 5 dollars is going to be hard. and since you could only mark it up (sell it for more than it cost you) a couple of dollars, it would take many sales to make $5000. Honestly, starting a lemonade stand would make more sense. Since you are 13, most likely within the next year you will be able to get a job getting minimum wage and you might be able to approach $5000.

    Hope this helps.


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