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How could an accountant embezzle from his own company?

I am writing a book where a forensic accountant is brought into an accounting firm to investigate a stealing employee. Is there a plausible way that an accountant could embezzle from a large firm for a year or so without getting caught? What would be the most easy way?
I should add that the accountant actually works for an accounting firm.

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One Response to “How could an accountant embezzle from his own company?”

  1. zeuz said :

    Several ways:

    1) Establish a phony employee, and have the phony employee receive a paycheck

    2) Establish a business (owned by the accountant through secret entities) that “sells” products or services to the company. Invoices are approved by the accountant.

    3) If the company is an insurance company, establish an insurance claim to the accountant’s secret business that has been “insured”.


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