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How do I transfer money from an uk account into a german account?

Hiya everyone I’ve ordered a beautiful outfit from a german company and they want me to put money into there account how do I go about it?

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7 Responses to “How do I transfer money from an uk account into a german account?”

  1. j2frw said :

    Get their account details and go to your bank with them, they will do the rest! Obviously you need to tell tham what you want, dont just hand over the other account details.

  2. cookie_98_99_00 said :

    use paypal, or a credit card don not simply transfer money

  3. Philip Mayron said :

    You can do it from your bank, but there’s a fairly hefty fee, we’re talking $25-50. Try asking if they will accept Paypal. If so do a Google Search for Paypal and you can join up in about ten minutes.

  4. arlanymor said :

    I have just done that a week ago.You need the details of the German bank account that you want to put money into.Name of the account,swift/bic number or name.Iban number,konto number and address of the German bank.Your bank will do a direct transfer at a cost of about £25 and it takes up to 4 working days to clear the funds .My transfer was with HSBC

  5. Ivan R said :


    (ANS) No.1 You could obviously pay by credit card if the company in question offers that facility to customers.

    No.2 You could pay by wire transfer which you can arrange through your bank (but they may charge you a fee for the privilege of this process).

    No.3 You could pay by Euros (as in draw the exact amount in sterling cash at your bank and then have the funds converted into a Euro cheque by your own bank) This is a good method because it ensure the safety & security of your funds.

    No.4 You could pay by sending either Euro bills or German Deuchmarks bills (paper money) This is the most risky way to send funds. I have done this myself but only with low cost items I wanted to purchase in the US, you should send funds very carefully packaged and send them by swift airmail so they are insured & tracked. The post office can tell you all about how to use swift secure airmail.

    Hope that helps?

    PS:- Germany being in the EU will accept euro currency of course.

    Kind Regards Ivan

  6. Mr.K said :

    First get swift code of your German account from your bank,each branch have unique code.
    now use that code and German account number for e-transfer

  7. Al Zymer said :

    If you have their full details(name, bank and account number, SWIFT and IBAN number), you can complete an International Transfer Form at a branch of your bank. You need proof of your identity. You may find the cost of this, and the postal charges being more than the item’s value.


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