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How can I verify an accountant is registered with the IRS?

Is there a website where I can enter a tax accountant’s name and find out if he is registered with the IRS?

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5 Responses to “How can I verify an accountant is registered with the IRS?”

  1. just_the_facts_ma'am said :

    If they are a CPA, you can check – usually on line – with the state Board of Accountancy for the state in which the CPA is licensed.

    If they are an enrolled agent, you can follow the link below.

  2. alicebnntt said :

    ask him for his enrolled agent number. He as to have one to be registered with the IRS>. If he says he dose not have one he’s lying to you and turn him in.

  3. extra_37 said :

    The IRS does not “register” accountants. An Enrolled Agent is given a test by the IRS and, if they pass, they can practice before the IRS (audits, etc). A CPA is automatically given that right. You can go the your state’s Board of Accountancy to see if they are “licensed”, which means they have taken all the required training during the past 24 months and have paid the fees.

  4. kalamidad said :

    —previous answer (Xtra 37) is right on the money…..

  5. branjo_70 said :

    You can determine if someone is an enrolled agent by querying at The direct link to the query page is


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